ATOMY Absolute BB Cream #23 Natural Tone SPF 50+/PA++++ 33ml


The amount of each extrusion is not too much.
It is easy to take and not waste.
The texture of BB cream is very delicate.
The adhesion is also very good.
HD Makeup Gives the skin a translucent and radiant look.
Has SPA50+/PA++++ very good sun protection factor, but there is no sticky feeling after applying

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The design of the extrusion head is convenient to use.BB cream bottle with a simple style of matte pearl white as always, feminine style design. The moisturising power after applying is very good. After applying, the skin is smooth and delicate.The pores are gone!-Excellent concealing powder!It is ideal for partners who need to cover facial spots and blemishes.It feels as if it gets absorbed instantly leaving a pleasant powdery finishing

How to use
After skin care/sun care, take a small amount on the back of your hand.
Apply thinly along the skin texture over the entire face.
Tap around to absorb it one more time.