Atomy Daily Expert Mask #Moisturising 24ml 1pic


Per piece= 350/-

đź’§Carefully selected ingredient to create an exceptional result

đź’§Non harmful ingredients used for comfortable use

đź’§3 types of customised care that have been optimised to allow selective care

đź’§Revolutionary ‘seaweed expert sheet’

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Everyday Mask, Everyday Beauty the most solution to help upgrade your skin

To let each function reach its full potential, we have removed unnecessary ingredients to create a specialised list of ingredients. A sheet that uses naturally originated and trustworthy ingredients. Adjusting to your day-to-day life and the option to choose for different age groups and skin concerns. The sheet is made natural ‘Seaweed Fibre’ with ‘Cupra ‘ Yarn and 4 other naturally originating materials

➡️ There is exceptional adhesion due to the nutrition ingredients, the gentle yet strong adhesion efficiently send the effective ingredients to the skin.


How to apply:

After washing the face, apply a moisturising toner. Open the product and remove the film. Align the mask to the eyes and mouth and then apply evenly over the entire face. Leave the product on for about 10-20 min. Gently tap remaining essence into the skin. Finish with lotion and cream, depending on the condition of your skin.