ATOMY Absolute CellActive™ Skin Care Set


đź’« A soothing toner infused with CellActive refines skin texture and brightens tone
 [15% CellActive Brightening Code]

đź’« An ampoule infused with CellActive delivers a powerful de-ageing effect [30% CellActive Almighty Code]

đź’« A highly concentrated serum with CellActive and nutrition 20% CellActive Almighty code

đź’« CellActive provides intense hydration and nutrition to enhance skin radiance 10% CellActive Lifting Code

đź’« CellActive helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkle 20% CellActive Almighty Code

đź’«CellActive improves skin’s resilience while reducing the appearance of wrinkles 20% CellActive Lifting Code

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1.Absolute CellActive™ Toner – 150ml [Whitening]

  • Dead skin cell removal; Absolute Toner cleans the skin for better absorption.
  • This premium boosting toner will revitalise and refresh your skin.


2.Absolute CellActive™ Ampoule 40ml [Whitening / Wrinkle-reducing]

  • Your intensive de-aging care (care for wrinkle, moisturizing, elasticity, & derma density). Absolute Ampoule, high-efficacy all-round ampoule, defines the Absolute skincare set.
  • An ampoule infused with an exclusive technology to reverse the signs of aging.
  • To experience the maximum benefit use one bottle intensely for one month, the skin’s natural turn-over cycle.


3.Absolute CellActive™ Serum 50ml [Wrinkle reducing]

  • Inner elasticity; Absolute Serum enhances the inner elasticity of your skin.
  • A highly concentrated serum for your visibly younger-looking skin.


4. Absolute CellActive™ lotion 135ml

  • Tightening; Absolute Lotion restores the skin’s oil and water balance.
  • It offers intense hydration and nutrition to enhance radiance.


5. Absolute CellActive™ Eye-complex 40ml [Whitening/ Wrinkle reducing]

  • Eye area lifting; Anti-wrinkle effect/ face-lifting intensive care for your eye area with Absolute Eye-complex.
  • Eye-complex reduces the appearance of ageing and smoothes wrinkles.


6. Absolute CellActive™ Nutrition Cream 50ml [Wrinkle reducing]

  • Triple Elasticity; Absolute Nutrition cream cares for your neck zone.
  • It’s highly enriched to reduce the appearance of aging. Nutrition cream improves skin’s resilience while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Absolute Zone Care

Intensive skincare zone to reduce visible signs of aging.

  • Cares the areas that signs of aging appear on. (Forehead / Eye wrinkle / Smile line.)
  • Makes youthful skin.
  • Facial skin elasticity starts from the jaw and neckline.
  • The elasticity of the neck skin acts as a support that affects the entire facial skin.